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realmDESIGN accepts new home design commissions.  They offer a complete architectural package of drawings and specifications for construction arrived at after a series of structured consultations unfolded in a well defined design process.  Their work synthesizes the needs of clients and context of site and is stylistically described as Classical form with Modern finish.  Their work survives the moment and is never trendy.  Fees are based on a percentage of the project cost and are agreed upon at the preliminary stage.




PRELIMINARY  Clients meet with the design partners to share their needs and desires.  Site visits inform context and orientation.  A preliminary presentation envisions the home in the form of scaled drawings, model and materials palette.


DEVELOPMENT Design partners consult with clients in a series of scheduled meetings to refine the design.  (timeline specific to each project)   Beyond form and style all aspects of architectural design are considered: 


FLOOR PLANS: delineation of uses, circulation, spatial relationships and continuity;

EXTERIOR ELEVATION composition: relationship to site, sense of approach and entry, style and function of windows, roofs;

INTERIOR development: surface materials (flooring, wall treatments and applications, colour), door style and hardware

KITCHEN development: cabinet plan, cabinet elevations, sink and appliance location, finish of cabinets, counter surface, wall surfaces.

BATHROOM(s) development: plans, fixtures, cabinets, storage, tile and glass.

STORAGE requirements: general storage needs assessment, specific application: closet definition;

LIGHTING: placement, type of fixture, style



PRODUCTION documentation of architectural drawings and specifications


ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING PACKAGE for Building Permit and Construction

            Site Plan (scale 1/8”=1’-0”)

            Roof Plan (scale 1/8”=1’-0”)

            Floor Plans (scale ¼”=1’-0”)

            Foundation Plan (scale ¼”=1’-0”)

            Exterior Elevations (scale ¼’=1’-0”) window and door sizes, roof pitch, eaves, details

            Building Sections (as required) (scale 3/8”=1’-0”)

            Details: as required

            Kitchen Design (cabinets) and Detail (scale 1/2”=1’-0”)

                        plan, all cabinet elevations, cabinet sections, details

            Bathroom(s) Design (scale 1/2”=1’-0”)

                        plan(s), all cabinet elevations, details            

            Closet Design (scale 1/2”=1’-0”)

                        plan, elevations of all cabinet, shelf, and clothes hanging installation.

            Door Schedule (dimensions)

            Lighting Plan (scale ¼”=1’-0”)

                        represents exact lighting placement


SPECIFICATIONS SHEET materials, fixtures, and hardware: quantity, value, source                          

            Flooring products: tile, hardwood and other

            Kitchen cabinet finishes (doors, interiors)

            Kitchen cabinet hardware (handles, pulls)

            Kitchen plumbing fixtures (sink, faucet)



            Bathroom tile (shower wall, shower floors, wall, floor)

            Bathroom plumbing fixtures (sinks, faucets, shower, tub, toilets)

            Doors (include garage, interior and exterior): style, material, colour

            Door hardware

            Lighting fixtures (ceiling mounts, pot lights, sconces, under cabinet, pendants, exterior)

            Paint: colour, finish, location, product

            Furniture (where applicable)

            Window treatments (where applicable)

            Exterior siding and trim


FEES are based on a percentage of the projected cost of construction.  The percentage is based on a variety of factors including scale and complexity as well as level of detail and refinement required.  Fees are agreed upon at the Preliminary Design stage.


realmDESIGN associates with qualified contractors.  Contractors are invited to bid on the architectural package.  The client is part of that process.

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