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GREG BECIGNEUL b arch, b.e.d.s 

Greg studied architecture at the Nova Scotia Technical university (Daltech) where he realized his passion for single family residences.  For over twenty years he has accepted commissions to design homes, renovate others and make additions to more.  For Greg the key element in home design is the relationship between spaces.  Circulation, function, and flow of course but well proportioned, well connected rooms are the thing. A solid sense of entry (welcome), skillful use of natural and artificial light and finely tuned kitchen and bathroom design are essential in home design.




Heather has worked in interiors of new and renovated homes and commercial buildings. She is a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design bringing her artistic sensibilities to interior design.  During her time living abroad she has studied different styles and trends in design.  

Heather works closely with clients to understand their aspirations while facilitating informed decisions to keep projects within scope and budget. 


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